Eileen Litster
1st Horn
Playing experience
When I was 9 I wanted to play the trumpet like Eddy Calvert (a very famous musician in the 1950s). My Dad worked with the bandmaster of Newbiggin Band at the pit and it was mentioned at the committee meeting that a 'lassie' wanted to join the band. One man was against the idea so an extraordinary meeting was called. As all miners paid 1 old penny to the band, it was decided that I should be allowed to join. I was very fortunate to play along side some excellent brass players, including Jim Shepherd. I moved to Ashington Band, who were in the 1st Section, in 1961 and played in many memorable contests with them. Ashington Band had some exceptional players from Bill Litster on euphonium, to Jim Locker on trombone, but not forgetting Matty Lawson & Joe Grant on cornet! From 1964 to 1973 I played soprano and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! I then changed to tenor horn. I stopped playing in 1977, but joined Ellington in 1990 as a horn player. I enjoyed a period of time with them but I am so pleased to be back with Newbiggin where my banding days started and I assure you, end!
Favourite piece
'Resurgam' by Eric Ball
Worst piece
I forget pieces I don't like, and at my age that's easy!

Favourite banding moment
2016 Area, as the band had started only a few years before with so few players. I never thought it would be possible to win in such a short time. When the result was announced I didn't realise I could jump from my seat so quickly!